(use-package clmemo)
(use-package blgrep)

(use-package key-chord
  :chords (("@[" . clmemo)
           ("xx" . clmemo-exit)
           ("gh" . clgrep)
           ("fg" . my-copy-file-path)
           ("rt" . clmemo-tag-insert-quick)
           ("qw" . clmemo-quote-region)))

(setq user-full-name "Minoru Yamada.")
(setq user-mail-address "")
(setq clmemo-file-name "~/Dropbox/howm/clmemo.txt")

;; Time-string-with-week
(setq clmemo-time-string-with-weekday t)

;; Insert-region
(setq clmemo-buffer-function-list

;; Enter sub-titles in the category style of chalow
(setq clmemo-subtitle-char "[")
(setq clmemo-subtitle-punctuation-char '(" ["."]"))
(setq clmemo-title-list '(("v"."Vim[") ("g"."GH[") ("m"."Mac[") ("w"."Win[") ("d"."Linux[") ("e"."Emacs[")))

;; `>' の変わりに `|' を引用記号にする例
(setq clmemo-quote-prefix "|")

;; disable tab function of clmemo
(define-key clmemo-mode-map "\t" nil)

;; Buffer-file-name copy to kill ring.
(defun my-copy-file-path ()
  "show the full path file name in the minibuffer and copy to kill ring."
  (when buffer-file-name
    (kill-new (file-truename buffer-file-name))
    (message (buffer-file-name))))

;; Open in view-mode
(add-hook 'clgrep-mode-hook (lambda ()



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